You just need finish literature review and methodology

this is a dissertation, but You just need finish literature review and methodology



Project structure:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Research methods
  • Data analysis
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations



  • Brief introduction to the area of study
  • The origins and rationale of the research
  • The context in which the research was undertaken
  • Brief comment on the structure of the project
  • Definition of key terms and concepts

Literature review:

  • Critical evaluation of the relevance of published material
  • The ways in which the literature has informed the research objectives and investigation
  • Referencing is very important

Research methods:

  • Discussion of research methods
  • Explanation as to why particular methods were used
  • Research methods must enable the student to achieve results that are





Data analysis:

  • May be in two or three distinct sections or chapters
  • Contains detailed facts and findings
  • Shows how findings were arrived at
  • Indicates inferences to be drawn from the findings
  • Tables and charts can be very useful but sources of secondary data  must be identified


  • Should follow from the analysis and synthesis of the primary and secondary research
  • Should address the original project objectives
  • Should not exaggerate the findings
  • Should not understate the findings


  • Should be related to the preceding analysis
  • Recommendations arising from the data should be clearly distinguished from those that are more personal
  • The practicality of implementing recommendation should be considered




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