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Make sure you have included everything that you intended while planning the dissertation. Have you achieved the results? Do your chapters reflect the clear meaning of what you intend to convey to the readers? Do your chapters flow in a manner that can be understood by anyone without any expertise? Does your dissertation demonstrate a clear structure? Does your dissertation follow the pattern set by your university? Does the content reflect that you have done in-depth research? In case, your first language is not English, this is going to be a problem for you because your English will certainly not be up to the mark. Perhaps, a fellow student whose first language is English. Make sure your friend has plenty of time to read your dissertation, and can help you to improve the quality of writing. Frankly, prices vary from one service to another. You need to decide which one is feasible for you. As you have seen in the above dissertation timetable, we have given one whole week for proofreading to make sure that you have no error in the document. This stage is likely to take longer than expected.

You can save two weeks for proofreading if you think you need even more time. A warning: Do not keep proofreading for the last minute or when you are tired. Pro Tip: Dissertation formatting styles described here are general. You need to check with your dissertation writing supervisor or dissertation committee for specific guidelines for dissertation writing formatting. A dissertation should be the reflection of your own ideas, thinking, knowledge that took birth from the ideas of other writers, researchers and experts. It is essential that you acknowledge the contribution of those who helped your ideas to take shape. When you use someone else’s work as evidence to back up your own reasoning in dissertation writing, you should signpost clearly to the readers the original source of the idea that you are using in dissertation writing. This helps the readers to distinguish your own ideas and those you have taken as inspiration.