Write a Java program to do the following

Write a Java program to do the following;Input a first name Input a last name Input an age in years;(First and last name must be input separately at run time);Calculate the following information (using Java) based on the age in years;Age in months. Age in days. Age in hours. Age in minutes. Age in seconds.;Display the following;(Last name), (First name);(# of years old) years old.;(# of months old) months old. (# of days old) days old.;(# of hours old) hours old.;(# of minutes old) minutes old. (# of seconds old) seconds old.;NOTE: You do not need to account for leap years or find the birthday to the specific day. You can simply take the age in years to calculate the numbers. The results will get very large very quickly, and they will move to scientific notation.