Write a class called Thermometer

Write a class called Thermometer. The thermometer should have the following features;Return the current temperature in either C or F (conversion);Reset the temperature to zero (if the current scale is C) or 32 (if the current scale is F);Set the scale of the thermometer to either C or F;Set the temperature;Return the current scale;Provide a copy constructor to make a copy of a Thermometer;All data members of your class should be private. You should include a constructor to initialize the Thermometer object to 0? C, as well as a constructor that accepts a temperature and scale to initialize to. You will also need a copy constructor.;Write a small program that uses your Thermometer object. The program should exercise each of the features listed above. You don?t need to do them in this order, but here?s an example;Create (instantiate) a Thermometer;Show that the thermometer has been initialized correctly;Set the scale to either F or C;Set the temperature;Display the temperature in the scale opposite of what you set earlier;Make a copy of the first Thermometer;Change the temperature on the copy and display the temperature on both original and copy