Windows Help and Support

1. Click the Start button, click Help and;Support, and then use one of the;following methods to locate topics on;searching for files;? In the Windows Help and Support;window, click the Learn about;Windows Basics link. Click the;Working with files and folders;link.;? In the Windows Help and Support;window, click the Browse Help;topics link. Click the Files, folders;and libraries link, and then click;the Working with files and folders;link.;? In the Search Help box, type;searching for files and then press;the Enter key. In the search;results, click the Working with;files and folders link.;2. In the In this article section, click the;Finding files link. Read the topic and;click any See also or For more;information links, if necessary, to;provide the following information;a. Where is the Search box located?;b. Do you need to type the entire file;name to find a specific file?;c. How do you create a filter?;3. Display the contents of the Chapter 8;folder, and then display the full path;in the Address bar. (Hint: Click the;icon in the Address bar.) What is the;full path?;4. Write down the method you used to;locate topics on searching for files;and your answers to the remaining;questions.