Will Wanelo benefit our business

Paper instructions:
Please check out the information below.

First is the expectations of the professor.

A. Cover Page ( I will do this)
B. Memo of the transmittal
– In proper memo format ( I already have the letterhead)
– Body of the memo is single spaced
– She expects 3 paragraphs – intro, body, and closing
C. Table of Contents/List of Figures
– List each level 1 heading and page number of first page of section
– Level 2 headings are single spaced within topic level in the Table of Contents
– Include a list of figures if you incorporated tables and/or graphics into your report.
D. Executive Summary
– Summarize each section of the report
– She expects to see one single spaced paragraph for each level 1 section
E. Introduction
– Why are you writing? This must be the first text I read. Something like ” Here is the report requested on the benefits of incorporating Wanelo into our Marketing Campaign……
– Definition of “Wanelo”
– Failure to include “Why are you writing?” Statement and definition will result in a loss of 20 pts.
– Preview each topic you plan to discuss in the report
– DO NOT state any conclusions/recommendations
F. Body of Report
– Headings – Level 1 headings (left justified, all caps, Bold, 14 font) must be “Parallel”. This means they have a similar sentence structure.
– Level 2 headings (left justified, upper/lowercase, bold, 13 font) are used to break down topics within each major section.
G. Conclusion/Recommendations
– Conclusions – Make sure to conclude before you list your recommendations. Your conclusion will be at least 1 paragraph summarizing the information presented in the body of your report. No new information or quotes can be added in this section.
– Recommendations – List out the specific recommendations you are making for the company to successfully implement your proposal. I expect this section to be about one page. Tell me what is needed to do based upon your research.
H. Works Cited
– You must cite at least five research sources besides your text.
– One source must be library source.
– Wikipedia may NOT be used.
– The only primary research you may conduct is to interview 1-2 students, businesspersons, or faculty members who may be considered experts in the topic you have chosen. Do not conduct a survey. Interview questions and responses must be included in the appendix of your paper.
– Works Cited page will be single-spaced with a double space between major entries.
I. Citations
– Cite all sources consulted on the works cited page using MLA style conventions.
– Use in-text citations for any thoughts, ideas, or information from the sources that are discussed in your paper.
– Do not put citations in every sentence or every paragraph.
J. Appendix (Include)
– Work Plan and Preliminary outline of paper (Below)
– Rough Draft
– Copies of the first page of all internet resources and articles
– If you conduct an interview, the interview questions and answers must also be included.
– Failure to include these items will result in the loss of 10 points.

Report Format
– Arial, 12 point font.
– Body is single spaced, double space between paragraphs. Do not indent paragraphs
– Body of the report(Introduction-recommendations) must be a minimum of four, single spaced pages. This sections does not include any prefatory or supplementary pages.
– Report will be left bound with a left margin of 1.5 inches and 1-inch right margin
– The top and bottom margin will be 1 inch.
– Use left justification
– Do not put the report in a binder or plastic cover. Bind with one staple in the upper-left hand corner of the paper.
Page Numbers
– Prefatory – small Roman numerals, bottom of page centered, no page number on cover page or memo of transmittal
– Body and Supplementary Pages – Bottom of page in a footer
– Include Report Title.


The business plan is completed below with resources. (I received 100% on this already)

1. Should Fairways & Green Golf Supplies invest in Wanelo?
– Our company needs to perform the necessary research to show why Wanelo is a benefit for our company.
2. Would Wanelo help Fairways & Greens Golf Supplies in either the short or long terms or possibly both?
– Our company will research to see just what Wanelo is.
– Our company will be conducting research of how Wanelo has impacted other businesses.
– Our company will research to see what the reaction of customers and users has been since Wanelo has launched.
– Our company needs to find information that will prove whether Wanelo will be good for our business. We need to find supporting evidence to back our decisions
3. Sources and Methods that we have researched up to this point.
– Our company has 5 credible sources from various places on the internet
A. Article titled “Wanelo: A new website that lets people buy products online”
B. Article titled “Wanelo, Next verb in Digital Dictionary”
C. Article titled “What’s Wanelo, Why small retailers should care”
D. Article titled “The Ultimate Guide to Wanelo for Retailers(and why it matters)”
E. Article titled “Wanelo: Social Commerce Site is big with young shoppers”
– Our company has 1 scholarly resource titled “Why your teen loves Wanelo”.
– Our company will also use some personal experience from creating their own personal account and getting a feel of what Wanelo is all about.
– Our company has also reached out to GolfGalaxy.com to get their thoughts and impressions on how Wanelo is working for them and their company.
4. Tasks to be accomplished
– Get a thorough understanding of all the resources above.
– Do a little extra research online to get some added verification of the conclusions of those resources.
– Hopefully have some feedback from our reach out to GolfGalaxy.com and see how they feel about the site.
– Prepare the report.
– Submit the report after thorough check of report.
5. Tentative Outline
– Introduction. Why Wanelo will be something we want to pursue in hopes of jumpstarting our business?
– Section 1 – Benefits of using Wanelo. What can we achieve using Wanelo?
– Section 2 – Some of the negatives of Wanelo and how we can overcome those negatives.
– Section 3 – How we will initially implement Wanelo if this is something we want to use? How can we hit the younger generation successfully? Conclusion. Reemphasize in a general paragraph why we have decided to use Wanelo.
6. Tentative Timeline
– Initial research will be completed by 10/1/2013.
– Work Plan rough draft completed by 10/7/2013
Final Work Plan completed by 10/10/13
– Additional research to verify initial sources done by 10/20/13
– Rough Draft completed by 11/1/13
– Final Draft completed by 11/11/13