Why were investment banks prohibited from commercial banking from 1933 to 1999

What was the effect ofthe repeal ofthe Glass-Steagall Act?
‘2. What is the
purpose of derivatives?
How can they trigger stock manipulation? Should they be regulated?

‘3. Describe the behavior of Goldman Sachs.

Was it ethical?

4. How was it possible for risky subprime mortgages to be pooled together and become AAA rated collateralized debt
obligations [CDO] investments?

What is the role of rating agencies [Moodys, S&P, Fitch]? What responsibility do they have?

5. What was

the impact ofthe failure of Lehman Brothers?

6. Did the U.S. financial crisis of 2008 affect other countries? Is this long lasting?

How so?

7. What is the argument that the goal of financial services industry should be more services and less to make money? Do
agree or not?

B. How many currently lobby the U.S. Congress for behalf offinancial services?

9. What is the impact ofthe current

economic climate on the U.S. middle class?