who has duties and responsibilities under the the IRS?

who has duties and responsibilities under the the IRS?
a. workers
b. owners
c. supervisors
d. all of the obove
2 If aprofessional engingineer give awoker advice that endangers then the engineer.
a.will be suspended for two weeks without pay according to the OSHA
b has no responsibility for the workers actions under the OSHA
C.I subjected to a penalty under the OSHA.
d.should be transferedto onother station under the OSHA
3.Select all that aply.What are the characteristics of a competent supervisor?
a.she/he is qualified to direct the work
b.he/she is farmiliar with OHSA
C. He/she is paid more than the workers
d. he/she has knowledge of hazardsin the work place
4.One indication that the IRS has failed is that a critical occured
5.The maximam penalty for an individual who contravenes the OHS is/are
a, one year in jail.
b,$25000 or one year in jail
c,$25,00 and one year in jail
7.select all that apply.Under the an IRS:
a,The responsibility fpor i dentifying hazards and solving health and safety problem is internal to the
b,everyone in the work place has duties and responsibilities related to health and safety
c,The Ontario Ministry of Labour is apart of the internal responsibility system
8. Select all that apply.Whose duty is it to ensure wears protective equipment?
a,the worker
b,the ministry of labour inspector
c,the supervisor
d,the owner of the building
9.A homeowner nailling shingles on to their own roof
a,cashears at zehrs
b,prisoners making liscense plates
c,canadian teenagers doing corn detasselling
d,canadian customs workers
10.It is the responsibility of the employer to:
a,provide training only to workers
b,provide information supervision and instruction to workers
c,Take limited precations in protecting workers
d,purnishing aworker for refusing to work if the worker feels the work is unsafe.
11.Which one of the following is not governed by a specific regulation under the OSHA?
a,driving operations
b,protective equipments for firefighters
c,automobile plant workers
d,coke oven emmissions
e,university academics and teaching assistants.

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