When Black Hats are really White

Summrise the main points(at least 300 words) 2-evaluate the article according to 1-Relevace 2-Reliability what are the author’s credentials? 3-Lack of Bias 4-up to date…

Article: “When Black Hats are really White” (pg. 1-2)
Author: Linda Wilbanks
Article Summary

The article “When Black Hats are really White” talks of Cybersecurity and how if not properly regulated consumes significant resources both monetary and personnel.
The article is based on a conference that put together hackers and several other authorities that spend time trying to catch the same hackers.  The purpose of the conference was to learn about system vulnerabilities. The article states that the best scenario is for a system not to be breached and hence suffer data loss. However, the question of how a person is to know whether their system is being hacked is more tough as the ‘bad hackers’ are continuously upping their game.  The articles explains that the conference which is held once every year introduced the Black Hat Briefings whose main aim is to train professionals in stealth Cybersecurity (Linda, 2008). They do this so that they can wear the white hats in their organisation. The conference in the article has been responsible for teachings on malware analysis, reverse engineering, forensics, auditing and cryptography. However the article writer was more fascinated with the Certified Ethical Hacker class. She raises the fact that companies have ethical hacker positions open in their companies and that these people are referred to as Computer Security Specialists. Their main work is to stop attacks on the systems by attacking the systems but staying within the legal limits. The writer explains that, hacking is a felony; however it becomes legal when it is requested and it is done under a contract.

The article is relevant because Cybersecurity is an issue that affects everyone who uses the internet.  The lack of bias in the conference has had a great impact. The writer of the article is a government employee under the US government department of energy; it did not deter her from attending the conference. It helps both hackers and authorities to know how to protect computer systems. Furthermore, as security issues get challenging every year, it becomes important to keep authorities abreast with the changes.


Linda, W. (2010). When Black Hats are really White.

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