(1).What preconceptions, if any, did you bring to this controversial issue, perhaps based on your personal  experiences or the experiences of family members, friends, or other loved ones?
(2).Evaluate the materials related to antidepressant use in children and adolescents. What did you find surprising?
What did you find disturbing? What other reactions did you have to these materials?
(3).What are your now more informed thoughts about this controversial issue? Should these medications continue to be
used with depressed children and adolescents? Why or why not? What alternative treatments might you consider? Explain
and justify your stance on this issue.
Include references to support this Assignment.
Resources to use in order to complete this assignment:

“One Man’s Return from Combat”
“ECT: Effective and Frightening”
“Cognitive Therapy in Action fighting Depression?”


Resources to use to complete this assignment
Web site: Anxiety Disorders


This is the NIMH Web site section on anxiety disorders. It includes excellent basic information on the anxiety
disorders reviewed in this course.
Web site: 9/11 PTSD Therapy


This ScienCentral report summarizes some interesting new approaches to treatment of PTSD making use of virtual
reality technology. The man profiled in the video link was at Ground Zero on 9/11 and is being treated for PTSD. The
ScienCentral site contains a vast array of similar stories that you can search based on your topic of interest. It is
an excellent Web resource.
Web site: No Forgetting


This is a link to a PBS NewsHour segment on PTSD regarding soldiers returning from Iraq.
Web site: Depression


This section of the NIMH Web site parallels the section on anxiety disorders listed above. Again, it contains
excellent and up-to-date basic information about the disorder, this time covering depression.
Web site: Ride the Blues Away



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