What I have learnt in English Composition Class

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For humanity to understand and communicate effectively and efficiently, proper communication is paramount. I never used to understand why people engrossed themselves so much on their laptops or computers, or even finding my older brother busy writing during his spare time. I remember saying that I would like to be as dedicated as him when I could be able to construct my thoughts and come up with a good piece that can motivate people to read and keep reading my articles. However, I came to realize that writing is not a bed of roses; it requires a person to work hard to understand different aspects of writing. In this essay I will explain what I have learnt concerning composition writing. I am going to bring to light the importance of coherency, proper use of language and grammar, and proper formatting of a paper and their impact on composition writing.
When I started my English class my English teacher kept emphasizing on the importance of coherency in whatever a person writes. This did not matter whether I was writing an English grammar paper or a composition piece. I remember reading my friend’s paper on Western Civilization and I was very disappointed because the paper was not a good read at all. The ideas presented were thrown all over the essay and piecing them together proved very hectic. Therefore, when my English teacher was presenting several talks on coherency and proper arrangement of ideas in a composition I made sure that I concentrated in class and I took extra class notes on the subject as well as reading more books that explained how ideas should be arranged in a composition.
I also learnt that using proper grammar and the appropriate language is very vital when writing a composition. My English teacher emphasized that grammar is very vital when writing a paper as it shows a person’s command over the language he has chosen to use when writing the composition. It allows a person to use the correct tenses for instance and this makes a composition flow be flawless as a person will be able to understand the unfolding of events as presented in the composition. Additionally, using the proper language for different audiences is important. I was able to learn that an adult audience will prefer a certain type of language in their reading. It would seem ludicrous to use very simple vocabulary for a composition that is intended for a grown up audience. The opposite is true, for a younger audience it would prove difficult for them to understand big words (or vocabulary). Additionally, it would not be prudent to use obscene language in a composition unless the composition specifically requires you to do so. Use of appropriate language is important as it explains the character of the writer and it helps a writer curve out a niche for himself and therefore attracts a particular following of readers in the process.
I have also learned that it is important to format my work. I have been educated on the different formatting styles ranging from MLA, APA, Harvard and Chicago which are the most common writing styles. This has been important especially for examination purposes as they account for a particular percentage of the total examination marks.
My English class has taught me a lot. However, I am privy to the fact that I still have a lot to learn in order to become an effective and accomplished composition writer and I plan to continue taking the English composition classes in future.

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