we are suppose to develop a project

we are suppose to develop a project plan. It looks like we need a program that can accept input, read from and write to files, has a Graphic Interface, and a standard set of variables for each of us to use so that it is easier to write code. I have been assigned parts below tagged “My Part” the other team members are working on everything else. I have no idea where to start.;Methods (Choose One);GUI Design -Team;File Input (Data Storage) – My Part;File Output (Data Retrieval) – My Part;Main Class for Variables and Main program loop – team;User Input – Team;This is what the final goal is;Develop;a project plan for the fundraiser program due in Week Five.;?;The project plan should describe the design of the program and how it is to be modularized. The design should include the layout of the GUI. Note. The program should be designed in a modular way so that individual team members can write the code for specific methods.;?;The project plan should also include individual task assignments.