watch video and skim medical doctors and ppt to reply to query


a) Categorize the foremost steps Ford took to rebuild itself into 4 hypotheses at the firm-level strategy- sources, knoweldge/ cabilities, integration/ core competences, alternate/ dynamic capacity, the usage of explicit examples from the assigned video.


b) The use of explicit ideas from the bankruptcy, establish a minimum of 3 causes for the entropy confronted via Ford previously giving explicit examples noticed from the video.



a) Solution the 2 evaluation questions in the discussions discussion board in about 175 phrases each and every.  


b) The use of,, or, to find an editorial that illustrates any of the 4 hypotheses given within the bankruptcy.   Provide an explanation for obviously and in short in about 75 phrases explicit examples on the usage of that speculation.  Cite the thing in APA layout, together with the internet hyperlink to the thing.