war culture in film: the prurient eye

Topic: war culture in film: the prurient eye

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I scan the syllabus and will upload it. Try to use some of the phrases in the last page (course outline). One of the requirement for the project is to use phrases we
use it in our reading or class. Basically, in that class every week we watch movie and discuss it. The project is to pick four movies, two in the class and two outside
the class and connect them with a thesis about war culture in film: the prurient eye. Regular academic paper (12 pg.). Talk four movies, theme connect them together
(war culture). Here are some of the list watched movie (IN CLASS)
1)paths of glory
2) the good fight
3) Merry Christmas Mr. Laurence
4) lord of war
5) short movie: front line, basically about American soldiers after they came from Iraq and their fear problems and problem in general (every period of class watch 15
in about their problem), homecoming world war 1
6) why we fight
7) soldier’s girl
8) the fog of war (historical documentary)
Suggested movie outside the class:
1) All quiet on the western front (1930) (YouTube) troops in film
2) Land and freedom
3) War is sell
4) Control room
5) The thin red line
6) The messenger (war movie)

My favorite two movies in class lord of war and the Merry Christmas Mr. Laurence, why we fight, and the fog of war. Pick two of the in-class movie and two outside
either suggested or you could find anything online if you don’t want to do the suggested outside the class, watch that two movies and find similar two movies to the
movie you pick it and write an academic paper on them based on the instruction that I have it. If one of the option is the short movie (all of them consider one movie)
inside the class talk about most of them to be consider one movie. You don’t have to do my favorite movie in-class, you could pick any two movie in-class and any two
outside the class