A local company, Gulf Side Rental, has asked you to help them create a program to calculate a customer?s bill.;Display Rental Rates Event;Before a bill can be calculated, the current rental rates must be displayed for the customer to review. The rental rates will vary depending on the season and rental duration (half or full day). The program should have an event that displays the appropriate rental rates depending on which month the user selects from a listbox (or combo box). Rates are shown below;Season;Months in that Season;Duration;Canoe;Kayak;Paddle Board;Surf Board;Off Season;Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb;Half Day;$20.00;$16.00;$14.00;$12.00;Off Season;Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb;Full Day;$32.00;$28.00;$26.00;$24.00;Near Season;Sept, Oct, Mar, Apr, May;Half Day;$22.00;$18.00;$16.00;$14.00;Near Season;Sept, Oct, Mar, Apr, May;Full Day;$34.00;$30.00;$28.00;$26.00;Peak Season;Jun, Jul, Aug;Half Day;$24.00;$20.00;$18.00;$16.00;Peak Season;Jun, Jul, Aug;Full Day;$36.00;$32.00;$30.00;$28.00;Display Customer Bill Event;Once the customer has reviewed the rates, they may select which item(s) they would like to rent from a group of checkboxes. They should also select the duration period (half or full day). All rentals must be for the same duration period.;Along with the rental fees, the customer must pay a deposit. The amount of the deposit will differ depending on the number of items they are renting. The deposit amount of one item will be $20, for two – $30, for three – $40, for four – $50.;Once the bill has been displayed, the listbox showing the rental rates should be cleared to avoid confusion for the next customer.;Exit Event;The program should include an Exit button.;The images below show a sample of an execution of the program. The values given are only to be used as sample data. The program must be written to handle all possible inputs/selections.;Screen Shot after Display Rental Rates Execution: Screen Shot after Display Customer Bill Execution;Programming Guidelines and Grading Rules;The program must contain at least one If and Case structure.;Bonus Points (Up to 5): Incorporate data validation into the program that insures that a month was selected when the ?DisplayRental Rates? button is clicked AND that at least one checkbox and one radio button are selected when the ?Display Customer Bill? button is clicked.;Variable data types and scope should be appropriate.;Hint: Current rental rate variables will be used in both events. What does that tell you about their scope?