1. A collection of lines of instruction is called a(n);A) program;B) algorithm;C) system;D) programmer;2. What type of items are valid for use in the value list of a Case clause?;A) literals;B) variables;C) expressions;D) all of the above;3. When the user clicks a button, _________ is triggered.;A) a prompt;B) a setting;C) a method;D) an event;4. What character is used to signify the beginning of a comment statement?;A) apostrophe;B) exclamation mark;C) asterisk;D) backslash;5. What effect will the following statement have? lblOne.Visible = False;A) Enable lblOne;B) Delete lblOne;C) Make lblOne invisible;D) It is not a valid Visual Basic statement.;6. Which of the following is NOT a valid filename?;A) MYFILE.TXT;B) MYDATA*.TXT;C) SALES.TXT;D) ONEFILE.TXT;7. In Visual Basic, tooltips assist by showing a small caption about the purpose of each icon on the Toolbar. How do you make a tooltip appear?;A) Right click the Toolbar icon, select purpose from the available options.;B) Position the mouse pointer over the icon for a few seconds, the tooltip will appear.;C) Hold your shift key, then click the appropriate Toolbar icon to display its purpose.;D) Hold your Alt key, then click the appropriate Toolbar icon to display its purpose.;8. Which of the following is NOT considered part of a good top-down design chart?;A) A module should accomplish as many tasks as possible.;B) Modules should proceed from general to specific as you read down the chart.;C) Modules should be as independent of each other as possible.;D) The design should be readable.;9. Which of the following is NOT a reason for using procedures?;A) They break a complex problem down into smaller pieces.;B) They make a program run faster.;C) They can be reused easily.;D) They make it possible for a team of people to work together on a single program.;10. Top-down design refers to;A) an obsolete programming practice in which a program is written without procedures in one large module.;B) a program design where the key event procedures act like supervisors, delegating tasks to various Sub procedures.;C) a method of organizing a team of programmers.;D) a method of increasing the speed of a program.;11. When using the logical operator ?And?, what part of the expression must be true?;A) only the left part.;B) only the right part;C) both parts;D) either the left or right part, but not both.;12. The acronym GUI stands for;A) graphical user interface.;B) graphing user introduction.;C) graphical unit interface.;D) graphical user input.;13. Which of the following is the proper order of procedures used in the problem-solving process?;A) design, analysis, coding, testing;B) analysis, testing, design, coding;C) analysis, design, coding, testing;D) analysis, design, testing, coding;E) design, testing, analysis, coding;14. Which property is available for most controls that allows you to hide/unhide them either manually by setting the property or by setting it during run time via code?;A) Clear;B) Visible;C) Refresh;D) View-Control;15. The process of transmitting values to a Sub procedure is known as ______________.;A) passing;B) conveying;C) sending;D) referencing;16. The three main logical operators are ________, _________, and ________.;A) And, Or, Not;B) Or, Not, If;C) And, Not, If;D) False, And, True;17. Keywords in Visual Basic are words that;A) should be used when naming variables.;B) are used to name controls, such as TextBox1, Command2, etc.;C) have special meaning and should not be used when naming variables.;D) are used as prefixes for control names (such as txt, btn, lbl, and lst).;18. Different items appearing in the same value list of a Select Case block must be separated by a ____________.;A) semi colon;B) pair of quotation marks;C) colon;D) comma;19. Constructs in which an If block is contained inside another If block are called;A) multi-If blocks;B) nested If blocks;C) sequential If blocks;D) none of the above;20. Which of the following is NOT a main component of a personal computer?;A) microprocessor;B) disk drive;C) keyboard;D) receiver;21. The symbol for the string concatenation operator is;A);B) %;C) #;D);E) !;22. A variable that is visible to every procedure in a form?s code without being passed is called a __________ variable.;A) class-level;B) global;C) public;D) local;23. Which of the following statements is a valid assignment statement?;A) txtBox = “Hello World;B) txtBox.Text = “Hello World;C) “Hello World” = txtBox.Text;D) Text.txtBox = “Hello World;24. What does the rectangle flowchart symbol represent?;A) input/output;B) terminal;C) decision;D) connector;E) process;25. A programmer would press the F4 key to;A) run a program.;B) display the Properties window.;C) display the Solution Explorer window.;D) terminate a program.