vb solution for sonheim manufacturing company

CIS 2656 P5Winter 2014;Number Problem;P5;Sonheim Project;Due;Sunday March 211:00 PM;Extra;2 points before – Sunday Feb 23 11:00 PM;Late;First week ? 4 points or more afterward;Zero after Feb 20;Worth;40 Points;Number Problem;1;Project Sonhein Products Page 404 #12;The solution should be put in a Folder Named CIS2656 on your memory stick or hard drive.;Do not save the Solution more than one folder deep. It will cause a problem.;2;Solution Name;P5name Solution;Example: P5SmithJ Solution;P5+Your name + First Initial Solution;3;Place your name on the title bar on each form.;Ex. SmithJ ? P5Sonheim Project;4;Your Assignment is to create an Application calculates change due.;Sample forms;5;6.;Use the following in the program;A. Add the following comment at the top of the coding;Name: SmithJ;Project: P5 Sonheim Page 404 #12;Due Date: 2/23/2014;Program should have Option Strict and Explicit set to ON at top of the code;7.;A. Depreciation values should be placed in a textbox;B. Declare Asset cost & Salvage value as double, Useful life as integer;C. Use tryParse to convert the cost, life and salvage value to variables;D. Use Boolean to determine if the Asset Cost and Salvage Value is valid. (blnCostisValid = Double.tryParse(?);E. Only display the output if the Asset Cost and Salvage is valid. Use a nested If statement. If either is invalid, display appropriate error message. (see above);F. Also use KeyPress to Validate Asset Cost and Salvage Value (also allow a decimal point);G. Program should have SelectAll for 2 textboxes;H. If any of the 3 input values change, clear the output.;I. Load the listbox in form load event using a for loop (3 to 20);J. Use a loop to display the answer in the textbox. You will need to also need to use ControlChars.NewLine and Financial.DDB method. See textbook problem/;K. This an example of the code that goes in the loop;dblDepreciation = Financial.DDB(dblCost, dblSalvage, intLife, intPeriod);It returns the depreciation amount for each year (period);8;Run this program 4 times using the sample data in the forms (using snipping tool for error examples);Using the Alt-Print Screen ? Place the images in a file named P5LNameTestResults.docx;Compress and submit the program in the drop box. Submit the TestResults.doc file separately. Do not compress the TestResults.doc file.