Using MS Project

SEB324 T3 2015 Summative Assignment 3a (S3a)
Summative Assignment 3a
This task will give you hands-on experience using MS Project software to develop a project schedule, resolve some project
scheduling issues involving resource availability and resource utilisation, and to output commonly used charts from MS
Project to include in project documentation.
What You Need to Do:
You have to develop a project management plan (PMP) for your chosen project given in project brief. The PMP should
have list of all different phases, tasks, and sub tasks in your project management plan. The phases and tasks should be
linked using predecessor option in MS project software. You have to assign people working for each and every task, in a
tasks more than 2 or more people can work by sharing the task. You have to calculate the pay (assign resource) for every
person working on a task for particular number of days. Using resource management in MS project, you can work on
Using MS project – You have to work on your Gann Chart, Network Diagram, Resources management – resource usage
and resource sheet. You have set baseline to show baseline start date, baseline finish date, baseline cost and actual
cost. When you have assigned hurdles in your PMP. You have to create a baseline 1 to show baseline1 start date,
baseline1 finish date, baseline1 cost and actual cost (to show difference in date, cost).
Requirements for this Assignment
This assignment is worth 15 marks (15%) of the total assessment for this unit this trimester. Your submitted report will be
marked according to the marking rubric attached to this document. The rubric also indicates what Unit Learning
Outcomes (ULOs) and Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs) are considered in the marking scheme for this
summative assessment task.
This assignment is to be undertaken individually by all students. Make sure that any analysis you present is your own –
not simply a summary of what is presented in source or reference materials. Don’t cheat or plagiarise.
Using MS Project 2013 software for this assignment:
1. Prepare a Gantt Chart and Network Diagram for this project using the data provided. Do not alter any task.
2. Produce a report using MS Word that at least includes the following:
a) Your name, student ID, and title of this assignment.
b) A short paragraph stating the estimated earliest completion date for this project that you have accomplished.
c) A copy of your corresponding Network Diagram (showing the critical path) – fit to one page in landscape view.
d) A copy of your corresponding Gantt Chart – fit to one page in landscape view
e) A copy of your corresponding project management plan with baseline and baseline 1 (start date, finish date, cost
and actual cost)
f) A copy of your Resource Management – resource usage and resource sheet
For your report, you can decide how you output/export your Network Diagram and Gantt Chart etc. from MS Project so
that it can be added into your report document. You must compile a single MS Word document that includes at least all
of the report requirements (a, b, c, d, e, f) listed above.