understanding of Java Collections

Objective;This project focuses on demonstrating your understanding of Java Collections. Before attempting this project, be sure you have completed all of the reading assignments listed in the syllabus to date, participated in the weekly conferences, and thoroughly understand the examples throughout the chapters. The project requirements include;Requirements;Design, write and test the Java program ReadStoreShow.java with the following requirements;1. Invite the user to enter an input file name and a number N (10 <_3d_ n=""><_3d_ _2029_.="" read="" n="" pairs="" of="" unique="" colors="" and="" their="" associated="" hexadecimal="" values="" _28_for="" example="" red="" _ff000029_="" from="" the="" specified="" file="" _28_each="" pair="" color="" value="" should="" be="" on="" a="" separate="" _line29_="" store="" them="" in="" appropriate="" jcf="" _collection28_s29_.="" give="" reasons="" for="" chosen="" _collection28_s29_3b_2.="" sort="" increasing="" order="" then="" use="" iterators="" to="" display="" sorted="" _console.3b_3.="" using="" _gui2c_="" as="" radio="" buttons.="" when="" user="" selects="" _button2c_="" background="" gui="" change="" that="" _color.3b_note.="" automatic="" generation="" facilities="" ides="" is="" not="" _accepted.3b_your="" programs="" compile="" run="" without="">