Twitter as a PR tool

Topic: Twitter as a PR tool

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My literature review dissertation chapter should be around 2000 words.

It is about the effective use of Twitter and social media as a PR tool.

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You need to find a number of other, similar books and articles. This chapter should discuss relevant issues about the use of Twitter in PR. I need to be able to use those issues to analyze my findings later on.
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How the social media platform, Twitter, was used as a PR tool after Qatar won 2022 World Cup Bid?

The world cup organized by FIFA is considered the number one on the top of hosted sport events around the world. Throughout the years, countries are racing to win the honor of hosting the event. On December 2, 2012 Qatar was announced as the host country of 2022 world cup. Many allegations and doubts were raised about the ability of a small country in the middle east such as Qatar to host the huge event. Throughout the Qatar 2022 campaign, Twitter played a significant role in ensuring the ability of Qatar in hosting such events. This dissertation will discuss the use of social media as PR tool to support Qatar 2022 world cup winning bid and will discuss the role of social media in modern societies.
Topic Importance (Literature review key):
During the course of the past eight years, social media has had a significant impact on societies all around the world. Businesses, politicians and even presidents are utilizing social media platforms to connect with and put an effect on their followers. Qatar is a small country located in the middle east sparked a chaos on social media platforms when the country won the world cup bid. The main subject of that chaos was the ability of the country to host such events. Qatari officials used social media platform to counter the allegations against the country and to advertise its capabilities in hosting large scaled events. The influence of social media on modern societies and social media capabilities as a PR tool shall be discussed in this dissertation.