Topic: course work 2

Order Description
This assessment requires you to revisit your quality management systems and in no more than 1000 (exclusive of flow chart and its analysis) words critically analyse it by considering the following questions. Please use data sources NO OLDER THAN 2007.

Assignment Brief
1. As a result of the presentation session and material covered in the remainder of this module, suggest modifications and developments you would introduce to the ISO 9001 (QMS) to improve the probability of success during its implementation phase.
(30% marks)

2. For your developed QMS, create a detailed flow chart that will support your implementation plan.

(30% marks)

3. Consider other process improvements tools that you could use during implementation of your QMS.
In a clear and specific manner show detailed application of at least 2 of them with benefits that they could bring to the company.

(30% marks)

This is a postgraduate level assessment and as such should contain academic references to support your discussion/arguments. The remaining 10% of the assessment marks are awarded for presentation, format, referencing via Coventry University Harvard system and the use of appropriate relevant business language.