Topic: Biomedical Science

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4 references for each topic and all together 15 topic per order. It need to be references in Harvards system. I need help with two assignment from two different modules. Each module require an assignment called Personal Learning Log (PLL) each have 15 topics and you need to write a summary of what you learnt from the topic and set up a question from that topic and specify the answer supported by mimum 4 references. Each topic need minimum 500 words. The requirement is sent and all supported documents is submitted. Alsoone similar assignment was done by this service i am going to attach it to have a look how it was done. I have attached a document called the list of topic each module have 15 topic and to access the lecture for each topic u need to access the link. I have also attached a document called PPL completed which is an assignment was done by one of ur staff and it was a successful assignment, therefore I would like the same quality. If you need help access PLL_completed.docx to have a look how the PLL for other modules were done.