Top 10 Best Ayumi Hamasaki Songs

Updated on May 13, 2012 hildred moreContact Author Ayumi Hamasaki (Ayu) is a Japanese pop legend who has made a profound impact on my life. Over the years a lot of my favorite songs of hers have changed while others are exactly where they were when I first listened to them. This list features the ten songs that I believe reflect her best of the best, in terms of sound, feeling, emotion, and general impact on my life and her career. This list is, of course, highly subjective, but if somebody asked me “What Ayu song do you recommend I listen to?” then this list would be the answer. Of all the songs on this list, this is probably the biggest magnum opus of hers on here. Ayu’s most recognizable songs – it’s also my favorite song of all time. The pulsing beat and hectic guitars meld well with Ayu’s monotone verses and speedy chorus.

It’s also the song with one of her most iconic lines ever: “Somehow we’re standing here,and we’ve living through today.” To me, this song defines Ayumi Hamasaki. I could sit here and tell you all day about how this is probably “the song” that launched Ayu’s career (in fact, I wrote my undergrad thesis about it), but I won’t. All I will tell you, before imploring you to listen to this song is that it is a masterpiece. Ayu’s vocals may be shaky in the beginning (although she slams this song now), but her passion, anger, bitterness, and depression all come out for the world to see. It is a song that anybody who has ever questioned “why?” can relate to. The “XX” has been debated for ages, but according to Ayu it refers to her mother, who was often absent in her childhood. This is perhaps the most beautiful song that Ayu has ever produced.

It was concocted as a fan experiment. The first15 seconds of the song were included on special editions of the album “RAINBOW” for fans to listen to and submit their own lyrics for. Ayu eventually picked her favorite submissions and created the song you hear now. It is ethereal, poignant, and includes the symbolic line “No rain, can’t get the rainbow”, reminding us that we can only appreciate the good that comes after we have experienced the bad. I dare anyone to listen to this song and not feel the least bit uplifted afterwards. Also, the video is very beautiful as well, indicating Ayu’s “letting go” of her past, destructive self. 4. is this LOVE? Although she has released many “rock” songs in her career, this one is my favorite and, I feel, doesn’t get enough love. It is “stoically angry” if that makes any sense. In it Ayu questions if the jealousy and anger she feels towards someone could really be considered “love”, and it’s implied that if it is, then she doesn’t want anything to do with it. The video reflects this with her meandering lifelessly around her house while everything combusts behind her.

It’s not the traditional “angry rock song” – in fact, it’s more reflective of how we react in real life as opposed to how we necessarily feel inside. And then BRILLANTE came into the world. Before I first listened to it, most of the reviews I read said that it was great and different, so I was pretty excited to hear it. And when I did? I don’t think my brain quite “grasped” it the first time. I was too floored by how great the atmosphere was. When I translated the lyrics later I was even more blown away. In it Ayu declares that she must detach from the person she loves and make her own way for the sake of all that is good. It is a painful separation, but a necessary one. Combined with her vocals and the powerful arrangement, it is quite the hit to the brain and the heart.