the SPSS software

the SPSS software

This assignment serves as your final course project. For this project you are allowed to use any statistical analysis discussed in the course. You will need to select a set of data from the textbook website or you can develop your own. You will need to provide detailed information about the data and your hypothesis. State your hypothesis and then explain if it is one tailed or two tailed, discuss your independent variable and dependent variable. Discuss power, post hoc testing, and any other information that is relevant to your study. You will present your analysis using the SPSS software and putting all charts in APA format in the body of your paper as well. For this project, you need to present the why, not just the information. Explain why you selected the specific test and how you know it is appropriate. Explain how you know it is significant or not. Each test will require different information. These examples are meant to be just that,examples. Make sure you include everything possible in your project.

Previous feedback from instructor:

1. Abstract- spent 1-2 sentences on the following in the following order- purpose, methodology, results, conclusion

2. The introduction should be spent setting up the hypothesis that you are testing and not the specific statistical analysis that you are using. I would lead up to your hypothesis in your introduction.

3. Methodology- You should have 3 distinct sections (It would help if you labeled them), one section for the subjects, the next for procedures, and the last for statistical analyses used. There are still several issues with the paper, primarily in the methods section. You need to be more specific with the subjects (I,e, how many, how many of each gender, age, grade, etc).

5. Results- Your results should only include the actual results and not the data file

6. You should write in an academic tone and not a conversational tone.
Use your discussion section to talk about what could’ve been done different and why.


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