The Role Of The Project Manager

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The Manual of Museum Exhibitions
The Role Of The Project Manager

This article focuses on Chuck Sutyla Case Study review, mainly on clarifying the responsibilities of the exhibition project manager and presenting the main implements required by the project manager to lead and co-ordinate the exhibition fabrication and installation work. He supports this explanation by mentioning the main points for a successful management and how to avoid mistakes and difficulties. In addition to that, he states five important steps and procedures that must be followed by every successful project manager. Clearly, then Chuck asserts his study as a key to the successful project manager by satisfying the public in enjoying and learning from the exhibition.
The major role that the project manager should concern about is his overall responsibility forthe successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a project.For this reason, he must have strong leadership, professional skills in teamwork and perfect engagement with stakeholder in order to face challenges and resolve conflicts. Every project manager needs to discover the best way to lead and motivate, but five important steps and procedures will keep him/ her pointed down the right path such as the following:
1. Project Management Tools: different techniques and tasks help to improve the controls skill. For example, the exhibition project manager required to know the weaknesses of each team and cooperate with a team of experts for immediate progress. He should also communicate with them every week by meeting to discuss actions and fix some problems such as design changes and others. Moreover, being professional in using computer software is essentially required.
2. Documentation: developing forms for documenting project and recording decisions received from the museum. It is important for a project manager to verify every process that are performed by the contractors and other stuff to accomplish the museum exhibition.“If filing is maintained on a daily basis, it relatively easy to close out a project at its completion, and to archive the records”(The manual of Museum Exhibitions, chapter16 page 447).
3. Attributes of a successful exhibition project manager: the most successful project manager is this who has skills and abilities that are required to deliver a project on time, within budget and exceed the stakeholders’ expectation. Therefore, he must possess the following characteristics: “well organized, systematic, able to delegate, able to communicate, competent in working, efficient in time management, fully committed, aggressive in identifying problems early, able to motivate and knowledgeable about technical matters and where to find answers”(Manual Museum Exhibition, chapter16, p.447).
4. Commissioning and completing the exhibition project: it is called ‘as built’ documentation which means that the exhibition has been fabricated and installed with all required functions at the end of the project. This documentation is a set of drawings which produced by the contractor and provided two copies to the project manager and the museum within seven days of the completion of each gallery with confirmation that all items has been corrected.
5. Warranty Period: operation and maintenance: after the inspection request from the project manager to assure that every process has been done perfectly, the contractor should handed a warranty for an operation and maintenance manual.
Finally, I learned from this case study that the project manager plays the basic role not only in managing exhibition but also in all other organizations. The project manager is the only responsible for translating strategies into actions and objectives into realities. Furthermore, the important methods and steps for a successful project manager that has been mentioned in this article show that managing project is not easy, but it is crucial factor in the workplace forces every project manager to be fully aware. For this reason, the project manager should deliver a specific end results within quality, cost and time limitations.

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