The management of stress is a crucial driver of profitability in organizations

The management of stress is a crucial driver of profitability in organizations
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This is an individual essay. Choose one statement below, and provide a critique.
The management of stress is a crucial driver of profitability in organizations.

be a waste of resources for some employees.
Guidelines for the essay:
? You will need to do a review of the literature on the particular constructs, and take a stand on
whether you agree or disagree with the statement.
? You should use the academic third person writing style as outlined in the Q Manual.
? It is important that you use peer reviewed academic journal articles for the basis of your
academic discussion. You should be aiming to draw on at least 10 refereed journal articles.
You need to ensure that you make it clear how the content and contribution of these articles
is related to the essay question.
? No more than 2 management / OB textbooks to be used.
? Warning! Answers that simply reflect opinion and do not draw on the accumulated body of
scientific knowledge on organisational behaviour will be penalised.
Release date: Not Applicable
Word limit: 2,000 words. The word limit excludes the reference list. Include a word count. You
should not exceed this limit by +/- 10%.
Presentation requirements: Word processed in Arial, size 12, with 1.5 line spacing. Please ensure
that you check the grammar and spelling in your assignment before submitting it.
Estimated return date: Within three weeks
Hurdle requirements: Not applicable.
Criteria for marking: The marking rubric for this assessment is available on Moodle
Learning objectives assessed: 1, 2, 3 and 5
Submission details: Please submit your assignment via Turnitin to obtain a report on the originality
of your work. If you notice major issues where you have not referenced or quoted correctly, please
correct this prior to submission on Monday, 11th April 2016 via Moodle. It is suggested that you
will need to submit through Turnitin at least two days prior to the formal submission date.
Do note that all resubmissions to Turnitin may take 24 hours to process; as such please ensure
that you plan ahead of time. Turnitin is accessible via a Moodle link.
Submitting initially through Turnitin is not the formal submission. You will then need to submit your
assignment via the Assignment 1 link on Moodle under the Assessment Summary section. The
submission deadline for Assignment 1 is Monday, 11th April at 5pm AEST (Australian Eastern
Standard Time)
Penalties for late lodgement: Please note that requests for extensions can only be made to the
Unit Chief Examiner, Dr Mulyadi Robin (
All extensions of time are required to be supported by a Special Consideration form, and late
lodgement is not accepted unless accompanied with a medical certificate.
It is suggested that students plan to submit the assessment tasks before the due date to cover any
unexpected delays that may be encountered in finalising and completing the submission. Excuses
such as those relating to computer breakdowns and losing USB/hard-disk, are NOT acceptable.
Students are expected and advised to save multiple copies of their work across a number of
mediums (hard disk, laptop or desktop, and in the cloud).
A maximum penalty of ten per cent of the total mark allocated to this assessment will be deducted
for each day that it is late. Students should note that a weekend is two days and will be treated as
such when penalities are calculated. After ten days, late assignments will be accepted but will not
be given a mark.