The Life Before Us

Write a two-page essay with 12-pont font format and NO need to write name, subject, or date– just go straight to the essay. If you use either an idea or a direct quotation, note the electronic address in parentheses at the end of the sentence. If you use an idea or a direct quotation from “The Life Before Us”, note the page number in parentheses at the end of that sentence.
Please read “The Life Before Us” by Romain Gary, translated by Ralph Manheim, and write an essay answering the question “what is love?” Focus on the question of what love means for Momo, for Madame Rosa, and for both of them. In writing the essay, first consider the quote: “Is it possible to live without someone to love?” (page 178).
Next, think about love, and read about some of the ways in which love has been described in literature and in studies of psychology and human development, by using the sites below: -Favorite Love Poems -Shakespeare Sonnet 29 -Love Is Not All
Consider this: Dr. Katz asks Madame Rosa, “you love him, don’t you?” (45). And Madame Rosa tells Momo, “I’ve never really loved anybody else” (152). But people say Madame Rosa is “woman without a heart” (10). As Momo searches for his biological father he asks Monsieur Hamil, “can somebody live without love?” (3). But he later calls out to Monsieur Hamil “just to remind him there was still someone who loved him” (103). And Momo says that he gave the dog Super away because he loved him so much (12). ……………



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