The Imaginarium In Film

Topic: The Imaginarium In Film

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I scan the syllabus and will upload it. Try to use some of the phrases in the last page (course outline).One of the requirement for the project is to use phrases we
use it in our reading or class.Basically, in that class every week we watch movie and discuss it. The project is to pick four movies, two in the class and two outside
the class and connect them with a thesis about the imaginarium in film. Regular academic paper (12 pg.). Talk four movie, theme connect them together (imaginarium).
Here are some of the list watched movie (IN CLASS)
1)the adventures of baron Munchausen
2) what would Jesus buy
4) the diamond empire
5)the Truman show
6) the great happiness space (Japanese)
7)defending your life
8) short videos: welcome to celebration florida ( 5 min watch about Disney city), cosplay japan (custom play) couple of min., god jesus robot (japan), life cargo
cult,and creation museum
Suggested movie outside the class:
1) The cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) 1:11:38
2) The coorpation ‘’commudity fetish’’
3) the occult history of the third reich
4) wodaabe herdsmen of the sun
5) after life, after death
6) enter the void
7) The Lovely Bones
8) More dreams, more come
9) Lars and the real girl
10)Bbc: guys and dolls (documentary)
11) the nature of money (American economy)
12) the secret of oz
13) 97 percent only
14) after life (Japanese)
My favorite two movie in class defending your life and the Truman show . Pick two of the in-class movie and two outside either suggested or you could find anything
online if you don’t want to do the suggested outside the class, watch that two movie and find similar two movie to the movie you pick it and write an academic paper on
them based on the instruction that I have it. If one of the option is the short movie (all of them consider one movie) inside the class talk about most of them to be
consider one movie