The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible

Resources: (a) Course notes (b) Bible (c) At least four other books/articles. One can be an article or book on the Internet.

Format of the Essay:

(1) Clearly state topic and plan of the work

(2) Comment on some specific texts from the Scrolls

(3) Discuss the secondary literature

(4) Your own concluding observations or conclusion

(5) Bibliography

(6) Please number your pages

Topic 1: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible

Write an essay on (a) the three main versions of the Old Testament; (b) different editions of Biblical books found among the Dead Sea Scrolls; and (c) at least five interesting or superior readings that are found in the Biblical Scrolls.

Note: Include references to several Biblical or non-Biblical Scrolls.

Must use these books for academic sources:
Bible: The NIV Study Bible (or similar translation).
Flint, Peter. The Dead Sea Scrolls (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2013). [abbreviated as Flint, DSS in the Course Notes]
Flint, Peter W. and James VanderKam. The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls (San Francisco: Harper Collins, 2004). [abbreviated as MDSS in the Course Notes]




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