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Paper instructions:
reply to 2 classmates on substantive posts of 100 words or more for each of the following….

1. 1998 Dodge Ram 1500
A – What are your fixed monthly car expenses?
My fixed monthly car expenses go as follows:
Monthly gas price: 180
Monthly Car Payment: 144
Monthly Insurance rate: 70

B – What are your variable monthly car expenses?
My variable monthly car expense is only gas which totals to: 180

C – Now add your fixed and variable costs: What is your total cost per month?
My fixed and variable costs for my truck go as follows:
Usage: 574

D – Approximately how many miles do you drive a month?
I drive approximately 532 miles a month

E – Divide C by D to figure your cost per mile.
574 divided by 532 is: $1.078

F – What changes might you make to save money on your total car expenses?
Considering I own a truck with a V8 and I only drive my car to work, the grocery store, and small trips around town I would need to trade in my truck for a car with better gas mileage. I would never do that however, considering having a truck is too convenient when it comes to moving furniture, buying furniture, or helping my friends move. Another option I could consider is carpooling to and from work with a friend who lives nearby, that way him and I could both save money when it comes to filling up our tanks. I could even try convincing my husband to buy a third car with me like a KIA or Honda to eventually save gas in the long run for both of us.

2.  2004 Chevy 2500hd
A)I drive a 2004 Chevy 2500hd turbo Diesel.  My payment is $365 each month on the vehicle.  My insurance for my wife’s car and my truck is 114 each month.  If I divide that by 2 the insurance for my truck is $57 each month.  For regestration my vehicle is 120 each year.  Divide that by 12 and I get $10 each month.  When I add all of these up my total cost is $432 each month regardless if I drive or not.
Payment 365
Insurance 57
Tags  10 per mo
Monthly total $432

B)I have to change my oil 3 times each year.  I do all of the work my self and it costs me $60 each time that I change the Oil.  I multiply 60 x 3 to get 180 on oil annually.  I divide that by 12 to get $15 each month for the cost of oil.  At the current price on fuel I spend on average $260 each month on diesel.  Add these varriable costs up and I get $275 each month.
Oil 60 3x per yr = 15 per month
Diesel 260 per month
Total $275
C)When adding monthly fixed costs plus my Variable costs I get $707 monthly.
D)On the average work week (M-F) I drive 250 miles per week and on the weekend I will put about 50 miles on my truck so that would equal 300 miles each week.  Multiply that by 52 equals 15,600 annually.  Divide that by 12 and I get 1300 miles per month.
1300 miles
E)When I divide my monthly cost to operate my truck by the miles per month i get $0.54 per mile that I drive.
F)To reduce the amount of money that I spend each month in the truck I could drive my wife’s car on the days the weekend to reduce the amount of miles that I put on my truck because she gets better gas mileage in her Volkswagen Jetta than I get in my truck.

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