the Central Alabama Fair Housing Center




Your research paper will focus on the Central Alabama Fair Housing Center, service learning, fair housing laws, housing discrimination, interviewing/surveying and data analysis.  In tandem with the Fair Housing Center, your service learning partner, you have been trained on aspects of fair housing laws and discrimination experienced by particular groups based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.  You have additionally had the opportunity to listen to panel members discuss the positive and negative aspects of the Ridgecrest Community, past and present, and plans for neighborhood revitalization. In addition to including basic information on service learning, fair housing laws and protected groups, you will also select a particular topic that you wish to focus on in your paper. Please utilize the outline below to develop the 8 to 10 page research report.  Please cite sources utilized.  Cite any materials from theFairHousingCenter, other handouts and sources used from the Internet.  In addition to the sources from the Center, use at least three sources from the Internet. Please use American Psychological Association (APA) formatting with a separate reference page.


  1. Introduction to the study being conducted
    1. Describe the focus of the paper –  Working with the Central Alabama Fair Housing Center on a service learning project collecting data on the overall knowledge level of residents regarding the Central Alabama Fair Housing Center, housing laws, protected groups of people (on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin) and their experiences.
    2. Description of methodology used (surveys)
    3. Describe the goals of the paper; to explore the purpose of the Fair Housing Center, detail the protected classes, describe the purpose of service learning, describe the specific topic to be focused on, provide an overview of the data collected, summarize and analyze it.
    4. Provide the data and report to the Center for their use.


  1. Exploration of Service Learning and theCentralAlabamaFairHousingCenterand its purpose

1.   Describe the purpose of service learning (use separate subtitle)

2.   Describe theCentralAlabamaFairHousingCenterand its purpose (separate subtitle)

3.   Provide an overview of fair housing laws and the protected groups. (separate subtitle)

4.   Describe the specialized topic that you have selected for your paper’s focus.






  1. Description of  methodology used (surveys)
    1. Provide an overview of the types of questions used in the survey
    2. Explain why surveys were utilized to collect data for theFairHousingCenter(determine the knowledge level of tri-county residents regarding housing laws and discriminatory type behaviors).


  1. Summary and analysis of data

1.   Describe the data collected

2.   Analyze the data – explain what it means

  1. Summary and Conclusions
    1. Summarize the paper – bring in details from all parts – reiterating the point of the paper
    2. Explain what the data suggests
    3. Describe your overall experience with service learning; learning about theFairHousingCenterand housing laws, writing survey questions, collecting the data and writing a report to be utilized by the center
    4. Provide your personal opinion of your experience and data results
    5. Explain whether and how you believe the data could be utilized to better the community


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