The Autotelic Propensity of Types of Hackers

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Article summary
The writers in the article “The Autotelic Propensity of Types of Hackers” argue hackers are categorised into different groups and that the hackers have different objectives and motives once they gain access to vulnerable computer systems. Additionally, the writers sate that hackers are motivated by certain factors. The writers have also tried to show the basic understanding that people had of hackers. They explain the stereotype that people had of hackers some few decades back.  They explain that people had a very limited thinking when they came to describing hackers, they associated the hacker with gender, social class and thought that the hacker engaged in hacking as a way of defying authority, as a way of responding to challenges, as a way of showing how smart they were, to cause disruptions in computer systems and networks, or to express contempt over an issue (Kevin, Susan & Prachi, 2007).
The writers however bring to light the fact that there are various classifications of hackers. They place the hackers into two groups, those that hack for criminal intentions and those that hack for curiosity and educational intentions. The writers argue that it therefore is important to understand what motivates a person to get involved in hacking altogether.


Key Points
The article tries to explain autotelic behaviour and its relation to hackers. It sates that autotelic behaviour in hackers is exhibited by those hackers who engage in hacking for non-criminal intentions.
The article also tries to give an overview of what autotelic behaviour is all about in relation to technology.

this article is relevant because it helps in understanding the motivation behind hackers. It helps criminologists distinguish between the two categories of hackers and allows them to pursue each category separately. It also helps in bringing to light the importance of challenge and autotelic behaviour to hackers


Kevin, F., Susan, J. H. & Prachi, Hivale. (2007). The Autotelic Propensity of Types of Hackers.

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