Technical and Professional Communication

Technical and Professional Communication

Assignment 2:Customer relations letter / Letter of complaint

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to writeeffective work or customer service related letters.

This assignment is interactive and its objectiveis towrite two effective work related letters to
• inquire
• complain
• respond to claims.

Two students will get together and come up with a complex workplace or customer service problem that they will try to tackle by writing letters to each other. One student will initiate the communication while the other responds to the first letter. After that the first student has the opportunity to reply while the second student writes the last letter. The students do not have to solve the problem but show a professional communication.
All in all there will be four letters and each student is responsible to submit the whole communication on blackboard. At the bottom of each letter it is required to write the name and the student ID.

Each student 2 letters, so total 4 letters between the company and the customer
For example A is the customer and B is the company

A: dear company I have problem with my…

B: hello customer you support us to improve our services (lazy respond)

A: Dear company I’m trying to solve my…

B: (then solve the problem)

Make the assignment 4 pages so each respond in a page (like email you send then replay)

Each assignment letter needs to have a minimum of200 words.

• Allelementsof the letter are present.
• Layout is effective.
• Content is appropriate for the task, including functions such as
o opening and closing
o describing the situation
o referring to process
o explaining causation
o explaining action steps
o suggesting/advising
o resolving.
• Interpersonal aspects are controlled with appropriate tone/phrases.
• Interpersonal aspects are controlled through organization/paragraphs.

• Each student will be graded individually on his effort. Two letters will be together assessed as assignment 2 making up 10% of the grade.

Effectiveness of laying out the problem 3
Layout, Content, Organization 2
Addressing the needs of the communication partner 2
Tone 2
Correct English 1