critically explore an aspect of anaesthetics that you would like to explore in depth.

You can explore an area that interests you or an area you would like to enhance your knowledge and understanding in.

It is suggested that you discuss proposed assignments with the module coordinator in order to consider how the areas chosen for reflection will meet the assignment requirements at level 6.

Areas you should consider are:

• An outline of the technique/procedure/issue/protocol etc.
• What the benefits/disadvantages of the technique/procedure/issue/protocol etc are.
• Discuss suggestions based on current evidence to improve patient care in anaesthesia in relation to you chosen topic.
• Use current evidence and research to support your discussions using a critical approach to the literature.

Anticipated Learning Outcomes Assessed by this Module

2) You will debate issues in relation to importance of assessment of individuals prior to and during anaesthesia and surgery.

3) You will critically explore pharmacological and clinical interventions in order to meet the needs of those requiring and undergoing anaesthesia in relation to physiological parameters.

4) You will disseminate evidence based finding within the anaesthetic environment.

5) You will critically examine the legal, ethical and professional issues in relation to the individual undergoing anaesthesia.
1. Planning:
This assignment requires much reading and research, especially with regard to treatment protocols and procedures. Any research and references used should be up to date, current practice and relevant. The assignment should be constructed using an analytical approach that demonstrates a clear understanding of the topics and issues. The assignment should be written in the third person.

2. Structure:
Introduction: should state your intentions in regard of how you intend to approach the assignment. Do not just re-write the assignment brief!

Main body: beginning with a definition or description of the basic issues, i.e. signs & symptoms, rationale for choice and any relevant normal or altered physiology etc. Continue with initial assessment, techniques and treatment, advanced treatment, care provision, policies and protocols, guidlines etc and any relevant research.

Conclusion: Here you could discuss your own views, feelings while making reference to the performance and applicability of the care/treatment in actual practice, followed by a general comment or statement with regard to your own Professional Code in relation to the issues.

The assignment must be correctly referenced using the Harvard system and be legibly presented.

I chose a drug "Sugammadex" which is an agent used for reversal of neuromuscular block which is induced by rocuronium or vecuronium and other steroidal non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agents


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