Analyze Uncle Tom’s Cabin by considering the history, culture, and/or literary traditions of African Americans in the nineteenth century. You must include analysis of some aspect of Clotel. You may do this by:

1. Compare/Contrast. Compare and contrast a stylistic, thematic, or other literary element of Clotel with that of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This can include an analysis of one or more characters or settings, the symbolism of certain motifs that appear in both texts, the authors’ uses of irony, their attitude toward a certain religious or political issue, the way they depict the relationship between racism and morality, or any other stylistic or thematic focus. Choose your focus carefully, based on what you’ve noticed by your study of these texts – do NOT attempt to compare all of these things.
Thesis/Focus: Your focus and an interpretive claim about your chosen focus must appear in your thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph. What do these texts show us, and why is that important? Are they effective? Are they examples of good literary art?


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