streetcar named desire

What is the theme the general idea or insight being communicated to you in terms of manhood or masculinity in A Streetcar Named Desire? In addition to the three sources of literary criticism, please use and cite Jon Katz’s “How Boys Become Men” as a source in your composition.In your introduction, name the writer/s and the work/s (put the play’s title in italics; titles of poems and short stories are in quotation marks), briefly summarize the work (no more than three-to-four sentences for each), and create a thesis statement. Because it drives the argument, the thesis should be clear and specific. In addition, make sure that it has an edge to it.At the same time, don’t be outlandish with the thesis. Whatever it states, you must be able to prove with evidence from the story and logical reasoning.
Do not re-tell the work. Analyze it. A good guide is that for each sentence of summary, you should have two-to-three sentences of analysis.
Discuss the writer’s use of symbols, dialogue, setting, imagery, stage direction, language, conflict, construction of plot, or whatever else you deem appropriate. You do not necessarily need to include all of these in one or two paragraphs. Instead, decide what you feel are the strongest examples to use to support your argument. Use at least THREE sources from literary criticism outside the playbook to support your views. Use brief, selected quotations to represent the views of these sources. Make sure that the sources relate to your thesis – and that you simply don’t use them to fulfill a requirement. Do not use other plays, and, despite the temptation, avoid any biographical material about the writer.






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