Strategies and innovative ideas that housekeeping

Strategies and innovative ideas that housekeeping

what are the issues hoteliers are confronting and what would be the solutions, strategies and innovative ideas that housekeeping can implement within a chain hotel?

You are expected to provide a critical review of the existing literature (published and unpublished) on the research topic being studies. It considers the work of theorists in the area and compares their work with others. The purpose of this is to show that you have the ability to examine the literature available and criticise it constructively. It should also show how your ideas are related to previous research related topics. This section should not be descriptive and it should be noted that plagiarism is not accepted. The length of the review normally comprises approximately one third of the total work. Hussey and Hussey (1997:288) provide some guidelines to writing the literature review:
‘Select relevant material only;
Group the material into categories and comment on the most important features;
Compare the results of different studies, picking out those which have the most bearing on your research;
Set the context of your own research;
Be critical. You are not recording or describing other people’s work, you are providing a critique by pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of other research and evaluating other business theories, etc., with reference to your own study’.

According to Hart (1998) there are some basic ‘do’s and don’ts’ when writing a literature review. In summary the ‘do’s’ include: using material that is as up to date as possible, the material should be evaluated and your analysis shown, justify your arguments and analysis with extracts, illustrations and examples, make the review clear, systematic and coherent and keep it interesting. The ‘don’ts’ include: discussing outdated material, use of jargon and discriminatory language, only producing a description of the information that you have read, believing everything that is written and taking it at face value.

This chapter can be broken down into sections. It should start with a brief introduction to the chapter, purpose and structure of the literature review. After introducing the chapter it can be further broken down using sub-headings. A brief summary of the main points at the end helps to re-emphasise the argument highlighted and should have a link to the next chapter.


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