Strategic manangement; A study of company xyz

Strategic manangement; A study of company xyz
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For your 3000-word summative assignment, you can use any organisation in the UK that you know. The structure of the assignment is outlined below.
Structure of the Assignment
? Part 1: Critically evaluate situation in an organisation to identify the problem/issue that needs to be addressed in order to bring about improvement in service or procedure with specific reference to key economic, environmental, legal, organisational and/or socio-political factors. Produce a situation-statement that addresses the issue or problem and takes into account both the organisation’s development and strategic goals. Length – 500-750
? Part 2: Identify the resources required to bring about the service improvement or change. Provide a rationale for the choice of resources. Length 250-500
? Part 3: Create a clear, detailed and achievable service improvement action plan, which takes into account current research, literature and best practice. Critically review the organisational leadership and management styles, highlighting how they might influence the outcome of the action plan. Discuss how the organisation could effectively manage the implementation of the action plan in order to mitigate against failure with reference to organisational change theory. Length 1250- 1500
? Part 4: Critically discuss the impact of the action plan on the service or users in the short, medium and long term and highlight key performance indicators. Length 500-750
? Part 5: Produce a comprehensive and complete reference list using the Harvard referencing system.

Part 1 Setting the Context
• 1. Why do the organisation need to change? Political, economical , environmental, sociological or technological factors (Lesson on Thinking Strategically)
• 2. Situation statement: What needs to be changed and what are the benefits? – Service or product improvement (Lesson on Business Plan Development)

Part 2 Developing an Improvement Plan

• 3. How would the change be implemented and what resources would be required to implement it? – financial, human and technological. What are the potential problems to overcome during its implementation? (Lessons on Project Management and Managing Change)

Part 3 Challenges of Implementing the Improvement Plan

• 4. What are the current organisational leadership and management styles and what effect might they have on both staff motivation and morale as well as the implementation of the plan? (Lessons on Leadership Theory, Managing and Motivating People and Change Management)
• 5. What leadership and management styles are required to implement the plan and why? (Lessons on Leadership Theory, Managing and Motivating People and Change Management)
• 6. How would the progress of implementation of the plan be monitored? (Lessons Managing a Project and Change Management)

Part 4 Evaluating the Impact of the Action Plan
• 7. What are the short, medium and long term goals and why? (Lessons on Business Plan Development and Managing a Project)
• 8. How would the outcome(s) of the improvement plan affect the consumer or user in the short, medium or the long term and how would success be measured? (Lessons on Business Plan Development and Managing a Project)
• 9. Conclusion