Statement of Intent/Purpose

I’m appalling to the studying Master of advertising. but some requirements  I can not do.
Please read the instructions carefully to avoid any delay.
Statement of Intent/Purpose – One page typed. See instructions on how to write an acceptable Statement of Intent. Your statement of intent should be a ONE page, typed and double-spaced statement explaining your goals within the Graduate School and leading to the completion of a Final Project. In your statement, you should:
Format Your Full Name Start Term: For example: 2013 Spring, 2013 Summer, or 2013 FALL Your Major: Advertising Your Emphasis  Account Planning

The statement of intent should clearly define your goals, purpose and intentions for wishing to achieve an Master of Fine Arts(MFA). If applying to the program from an unrelated field, please provide an explanation of how your prior unrelated background and experience can be of benefit to you as an applicant to the MFA program.
1. Please be concise and to the point. 2. Do your research: Does your statement demonstrate that you know about the specific industry you are pursuing and how the Academy of Art University will be a good partner for your purposes? 3. Show your focus and passion: Refrain from writing a personal biography. What about the subject inspires and motivates you? Be personal and passionate. 4. Clearly state your area of specialization: Account Planning. 5. Tell us your goals: Be specific. What would you like to accomplish while in graduate school? Where would you like to be after you complete your degree?

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