Stage 3 in counseling

Stage 3 in counseling

Project instructions:

Michelle is 35-year-old single female who has extreme jealousy tendencies. She feel she cannot keep a man or even have close friendships because she has trust issues and gets extremely jealous over the little things. She explained that, in her last relationship, she was against her boyfriend having any female friends or acquaintances. Sometimes, she will hide and check his phone, go through his pockets, or make a scene if he was on the phone with anybody for more than 20 minutes. She admits that she cannot control her jealousy, even when she tries and feel it is the reason men run away from her. Michelle?s been single for about 3 years now and fears that she will end up alone if she doesn?t do anything about this issue of jealousy.


From the therapist’s point of view of this situation, do the following:
a ) Write out what questions you would need to ask to assist you and the client in accomplishing the steps of stage 3 in counseling. Give a justification as to why the answers to these particular questions would be necessary.
b) Describe at least 5 strategies that would help the the client get what they need or want. Give a justification for why you think these strategies may work to solve the client’s problems.
c) Pick 3 strategies from your original 5 and say why you think they would be “best-fit” strategies.
d) Describe a plan that the client could use to implement your best-fit strategies.

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