sports nutrition

Project description
An investigation to discover the difference in performance levels in strengths sports with comparison of a vegetarian diet to an omnivorous diet.

The aim of this research is to investigate the effects of performance levels in strength sports within vegetarian and meat eating diets.

To investigate the nutritional requirements to perform strength sports
To investigate what supplement usage has an an athletes health
To discuss the performance levels in vegetarian diets in contrast to an omnivorous diet
Is it essential for an athlete to maintain a meat eating diet in strength sports
In total the dissertation is 10,000 words however i will place to separate orders only to help me with the cost. so please keep this in mind when writing this. This needs to be of a high standard therefore please only use journals to get the research. ( this is a secondary research project). i would also appreciate if you put together a table of what search engine you used to gather the research for this project.

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