Someone’s mother is our Mother

Describe, Who is a mother?

To some people a mother is just like any other ordinary person. To others, a mother is just a word, and they have got no emotional attachment to the word whatsoever. To others, a mother is someone who is regarded as the genesis of a generation, who is supposed to be handed the best care till their time to depart from the world has arrived. However, who actually is a mother? Who has got responsibility over a mother? Should we assume that the same way they took care of us while we are growing up, they can take care of their selves when their sunset years arrive? This essay is going to try covering all this aspects in a bid to get a better understanding of how to view mothers all over the world.
I came to first think of how to treat mothers when I gave one old woman a lift on a certain cold and rainy day. She symbolised all our mothers because in her I could see the warm smile (despite the weather and the fact that she was being rained on) and the good heart she still had as I asked her couple of questions before she boarded my vehicle. To me she symbolised the cradle of humanity. She was the birth of a new generation. As I drove I wondered what could have happened to her had I not reversed to go and pick her and save her from the rain? Most cars she waved at simply splashed the rain water on her as they sped off. While I looked at the woman I wondered where her family was and why they not concerned that their mother was not around them. At her advanced age she needed constant supervision and attention. She reminded me of how we tearfully took our own mother to a nursing home where she was going to receive the best care from professionals. I kept wondering why this old woman wasn’t at the nursing home. I tended to think that her family were very irresponsible for not according her the best care she needed at her advanced age. But then I realised how much they really must love their mother to want to stay with her despite her advanced age. She needed all the love and affection she could get, and honestly this could only come from her family. The nursing home was just but a home that provided professional care and as I could relate from my mother’s experience, the home did not have what she had been used to; her azaleas, the neighbours and her  bird feeders. She missed her normal life even though she had forgotten how to dress up. What I never realised was that the old woman in my car really did not remember her home but she relied on the goodness of her neighbours to come and assist her get home. I just never realised I was playing a huge role in her life by bringing her closer to her home.
From my incident with the old woman I realised that, mothers are important people in our lives, they evoke a sense of humanity that does not illuminate itself daily in our daily lives. They deserve our attention and whatever way we give it to them it should be covered with love as that is the only thing that they want in their sunset years. Caring of mothers should be a universal endeavour as they require reciprocation from a younger generation that they helped raise. Mothers are ever golden, and the humility they posses should be envied and copied. Their optimism in life even when they know they are nearing life’s end is still amazing, it made me realise that soon I will also be in the same position and I would require assistant from anyone who can help me. The experience taught me one thing, ‘mother’ is a hereditary role which should be respected and treated as cordially as it deserves.

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