Solar energy is the optimal way forward in energy sustainability and environmental conservation.

In this task you will prepare the following items:
1.  A presentation outline (This outline will include an effective introduction that states your thesis and previews your

main points, a body that covers your main points and supporting evidence, and a conclusion that summarizes your

points and ends with an effective closing strategy.)
Note: Your thesis must be research based. It can be either informative or argumentative. Present on a topic that will not

be too familiar to a general audience. A “how to” presentation is not appropriate.
2.  An original visual aid (Research within the visual aid should contain a proper in-text citation [e.g., data you collected

to create a graph].)

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3.  A visual-aid script (This script covers only the visual aid portion of your presentation.)
4.  A visual aid rationale (This provides analysis and explanation of the visual aid.)
5.  Three effective audience questions and answers
6.  An APA reference page
Plan a presentation (suggested length of 5–7 minutes) for your research topic.
A.  Create a presentation outline showing the organization of your presentation content. Your outline should do the

1.  Outline an introduction that appropriately catches your audience’s attention.
a.  Provide an appropriate research-based thesis statement for your presentation.
b.  Preview your presentation’s main points.
2.  Outline a body that effectively addresses the two to three main points of your topic. (Based on the time limitations,

you will not have time to discuss more than three main points of your topic.)
a. Support each point with research and evidence as indicated by APA in-text citations.
3.  Outline a conclusion that ends with an effective closing strategy.
a. Summarize the main points of your presentation.
B.  Explain a readable, effective, and appropriately designed visual aid (e.g., chart, graph, picture, model) for the

1.  Explain how your visual aid (suggested length of 1/2–1 page) supports the main points of your presentation and how

you created it.
2.  Explain how you created the visual aid.
C.  Create a visual-aid script that covers only the visual-aid portion of the presentation.
D.  Provide a list of at least three effective potential questions your audience may ask about your presentation.
1.  Provide an effective planned response to each of the potential questions.
E.  When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

2 Task:
A.  Submit a readable copy of the visual aid you created in Task 1.
Note: You are required to resubmit the visual aid with this task even though it was submitted in Task 1.
B.  Make a video-recorded presentation on your topic (suggested length of 5–7 minutes; your presentation, including the

question and answer session, should not exceed 7 minutes) that is presented to at least one appropriate audience

member. You should do the following in your presentation:
1.  Provide an appropriate introduction that includes the following items:
•  Attention-getting opener
•  Thesis statement
•  Preview of the main points of your presentation
Note: An appropriate audience member is any person that can ask questions.
2.  Discuss each of the main points provided in the introduction with details and/or examples.
a.  Use the visual aid from Task 1 to support the topic of your presentation.
3.  Provide an effective conclusion.
4.  Respond to at least two questions asked by the audience.
C.  Include the reference list from Task 1 for all in-text citations in APA format.

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