Sociology Occupy Wall Street

Project description
You must use at least three external sources should be from journals obtained through FDU’s databases. You cannot use Wikipedia.Please begin your search for sources through FDU’s online library databases ( Specifically, I suggest beginning with Academic Search Premier. You may also try Academic OneFile & General OneFile, JSTOR, LexisNexis Academic, ProQuest National Newspapers Expanded, ProQuest Research Library, PsycARTICLES, Communication and Mass Media Complete, SocINDEX with Full Text. If you are citing a source, the source should be from one of those academic engines, make sure that you cite both the source and the database used, I will not accept any source not coming from those engines.
You must include MLA style in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
Your aim in this paper is to analyze and evaluate an alternative community or counterculture ( Which is Occupy Wall St). Your main argument SHOULD be your interpretation and evaluation of the group you are studying. The following are some questions and ideas for the body of your paper which should consist of mostly analysis and interpretation (as opposed to summary):

•What is your interpretation and evaluation of the basic philosophy, goals, or lifestyle of your community or group?
•Does your community or group hope to change society in any way and do you think they have been or will be successful in doing so? What ultimate value does your group or community have?
•Why do people join your group? Does it have a hierarchy or social structure (e.g., leaders and followers)? Do you see any corruption or hypocrisy in the group or any potential for either?
•What makes your community/culture in some way countercultural? How does your group challenge the mainstream? Does it successfully do so?
•How long has your community existed? Have their values changed over time? Have they become a more socially important group? Do you think should your community still be considered countercultural? Why or why not?
•You can analyze a major figure or figures in your movement as a specific example of your alternative community or counterculture.
•If you can find any surveys, studies, or observations about your group, consider using them and interpreting the findings. Consider conducting surveys, interviews, or first-hand observations about your group. Interpret and evaluate your findings.
•Look for different interpretations and arguments about your group and analyze and evaluate those points of view.
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