Sociology-comparing the population pyramid

There are three countries(Japan as the developed country, Mexico is the developing country and Afghanistan is the least developed.

What you need to discuss in your paper: 3 pages in total and answer the following questions.

1. 1.Examine the 6 pyramids (2 for each country). Look at the shape of the pyramids. In your paper, briefly describe the pyramids

of each country. Look at the sex ratio, especially at age 80 and older. When you compare each country’s pyramids for the two

different years, how does the shape change? Compare the pyramids of the 3 countries.

2. 2.What do the population pyramids and fertility rates and life expectancy rates shown on the demographic overviews tell you

about each country? Are they getting older, younger, or staying about the same? Examine their total fertility rates over time. The

global trend is toward a decline in the number of births per woman. Is this what you observe? Has life expectancy at birth increased?

If so, by how much? Compare the 3 countries as they have changed over time.

3. 3.Looking at the pyramids and demographic overviews, can you describe the kinds of social or economic factors that may have

affected the demographic processes? For example, if the total fertility rate has declined, could it be because of the implementation

of family planning policies. Could a change in the economic conditions of a country be a factor, such as a recession or unemployment

which might delay starting a family or having another child? Did a country experience a war that might be reflected in the shape of

its age pyramid?

14. 4.What unique challenges do you think each of the countries will face over the next few decades? For example, will there be

adequate health care or retirement income for older people as they live longer? Will the countries be able to afford this? For a

country that has a young population, what kinds of government policies do you think will be most needed? What kinds of policies will

be most needed in aging countries, developing as well as developed, and do you think these countries will be able to meet these