Social Studies

Objective: Students will be able to recognize families’ diversities by listening to a read aloud and visualizing pictures of different families.
Content: Social Studies
Skills: Social studies and language arts skills:
Democratic Participation Skills: Listening and expressing opinions and reasons. Working cooperatively. Accessing, using and creating community resources.
Study and inquiry skills: Using and making charts and graphs. Reading and analyzing information from verity of resources. Give oral presentation.
Intellectual skills: Comparing and contrasting.
Interest building: Acha’s Mums by Rosamund Elwin & Michele Paulse
Step by Step of lesson development:
We will introduce a new type of famil

y by presenting an illustration from the new book. We will introduce same sex parents by explaining to the students this young girl has two mothers. We will read the book Asha’s Mums by Rosamund Elwin & Michele Paulse. While reading the book students will be asked vigorous questions about the protagonist in the story.
How do you think Ashe is feeling when the teacher doesn’t believe her?
How do you think Ashe is feeling when her peer’s doesn’t believe her?

At the end of the read aloud students will be asked to share their thoughts in their groups about what they think about the new type of family we have just read about.
How is this type of family different from your family?

Students will asked to write a letter to a friend, describing their family and how it is different from the story we have read in class.

Assessment: While in groups talking, we will be listening to how they answer each question and if they have an understanding of the diverse families.
Enrichment: Students will be able to write a letter to Acha telling her that even though she has two mom’s she no different from any other student.
Materials: Book, pictures

Lesson 1:
For this lesson Students will talk about the idea of a family and what makes a family. Together with the teacher students will talk about the definition of a family. we will read the book The Family book by Tod Parr and talk about different tyes of families. Students will have to draw a family portait of their family and write few sentences to describe their families.


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