Body Mass Index Program;You are the nutritional coach for a local high school football team. You realize that some of the players are not up to par having returned from summer break. Realizing nutrition plays a key in a productive team, you decide to implement a Body Mass Index Program.;Design a modularized Body Mass Index (BMI) Program which will calculate the BMI of a team player. The formula to calculate the BMI is as follows;BMI = (Weight * 703)/(Height*Height);Your program design should contain the following;A method to obtain the weight of a player;A method to obtain the height of a player;A method to calculate the BMI of a player;A method to display the calculated BMI;A main method;You are to submit the following for the assignment;Submit your C++ source code that you generated from RAPTOR with comments added to each line or where necessary to explain program flow. Also submit the RAPTOR file (flowchart) of your working program.;Make sure you run it to make sure it is error free and does what it is supposed to.;You can use the generate dropdown to create example C++ code based on your working logical flow chart to see what the code would look like.;Remember to follow the guidelines of good program design. Make sure to use meaningful variable names and include comments as needed.;the raptor file is attachted