second language classroom curriculum issues

second language classroom curriculum issues

Order Description
You are asked to produce a criteria-referenced evaluation report on a set of teaching / learning materials.
These materials may be the same as you discussed in the second class, but need not be.
In the introduction you should:
a) Briefly describe the coursebook materials you are examining/evaluating, and why you selected them.
NOTE: It is important, wherever possible, to refer to the teachers’ book/guide. If this is not available, you should discuss this with the lecturer in advance of submitting the assignment, and refer to the unavailability of this in your introduction.
b) Specify the focus /foci of your evaluation.( linguistic content, pedagogical tasks, skills development, cultural appropriacy etc. ) and explain why you have chosen to examine this / these aspect/s in particular. Clarify any terminology that may otherwise be ambiguous. Reference to your background reading is essential.

c) Discuss the criteria for the evaluation. Why these criteria and not others? What background reading did you do to select these particular criteria/questions? Any adaptations especially for this assignment? If so, give the rationale.
(You should put the chosen set of criteria in an appendix, along with pdf extracts of the published materials.)
The main section of the report should be a criteria-referenced critical evaluation of the materials. You will need to describe and analyse specific sections of the book/materials before proceeding to your evaluation. You cannot analyse the whole book, so it is expected that you will focus on one or two units.
In the discussion which follows, you should consider the extent to which your evaluation of the specific issue/s under consideration aligns with what has been argued in your background reading regarding the usefulness or otherwise of coursebooks.
In your conclusion you should summarise the strengths and weaknesses of
a) The validity of your analysis/evaluation. (What were the limitations? If you were to evaluate this again, or another, coursebook, what changes would you make?)
b) The implications of your evaluation – i.e. the strengths/weakness of the coursebook materials.

Please adhere to APA-style referencing, both in-text and listed.
You may evaluate the same materials / coursebook used for your oral presentation, but your report should include a much more substantial and critical evaluation and analysis of both the course book materials and the various criteria you used.

for this assignment, we have two part
A and B
A its an oral presentation to design an outline about what u going to do in the report
please follow my outline in the PPT and follow the criteria written in this message.

read the recommended reading only NO extra reading
choose one or two unit to cover in the assignment
choose two issues to cover for these two unit, you can use the same issues for the two units
look to the questions under each issue, try to cover all the details, SEE THE ATTACHMENTS

raising question of how you going to do ur evaluation
come up with the questions under each issue then look again to the text book, evaluate the book based on the question
start with present ur ideas in the report

read chapter five, How teacher evaluate course book, table 5,3 page 116 it gives u ideas what u can ask, giving some criteria, design ur own question to develop ur discussion, these are just sample question see the attachments

also with Brown, The language teacher, text book evaluation from instruction, again its just sample u do not need to write any statistics
see the attachments