Routing Protocols

Software Corporation is an organization with offices in seven locations. The headquarters are connected to these locations by routers in a hub-and-spoke pattern. The routing protocol used is Routing Information Protocol (RIP). There are thirty LAN nodes with two servers in each location. Each LAN has a windows operating system. The servers are connected to the LAN with switches and routers.;In a Microsoft Word document, draw the architecture of the network for this corporation using simulated data to show how one would use protocol distribution on the network.;Based on your understanding of networking concepts, answer the following;Describe the process of how one would distribute network protocols on the network.;Based on the specifications in the project description document above, describe in a list format specific values for how you would simulate the configuration of SNMP for the following specific agent values below;Configure SNMP traps;Record real agent values;Record SNMP devices on the enterprise network;Configure SNMPv3 security;In the absence of SNMP and Remote Monitoring (RMON) protocols, what would have been the state of enterprise-wide networks?;Please use this criteria when preparing this report;Cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format