Retail Marketing
As a newly appointed Marketing Assistant at Company X you will create an A1 poster which explains the importance of a major issue; for example ethics, or m-commerce. The target audience for the poster is graduate trainees and junior marketing managers. The poster will be assessed on how well the subject’s relevance is communicated to the target audience; its underpinning academic content; and its visual clarity.

A report justifying the content and design is to be submitted with the poster.

Senior management will see your report so it should contain FULLY REFERENCED EVIDENCE supporting your commentary.
1) Your poster should include the following elements:

? An analysis of how the factor is affecting the retail industry.

? A demonstration of how relevant theory helps to explain the situation.

? Your predictions regarding the company’s potential responses to the factor and its future direction.

? There should be a clear, logical flow to the content.
2) Your manager’s objectives in setting this task are:

? To assess your ability to utilise a range of source materials. Simple replication of data or material from the available sources will not be enough to reach a good standard (i.e. you will not get beyond 59%).

? To assess your ability to structure the presentation of your ideas to a designated audience.
3) Ask yourself the following questions when structuring your supporting report:

? Does your poster clearly explain the influences on the market and possible future issues?

? How are you using your group members to help you shape your work?

? Is your report presented in a clear, understandable form? Poor English will be penalised as it indicates a lack of care in presenting your work.




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